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    Numbers getting truncated in browser

    .George Prevelige

      Another seemingly petty issue that drives my customers batty:

      When displaying a longish chart of data in a browser via a projector, the measure amounts often get truncated to the dreaded "####" and there is now way to adjust the column widths in that medium.


      We have set dashboard sizes to fit within the projector's 1024x768 resolution, which eleminates the truncation, but then the dashboards are too cramped and small in most cases.


      Other than Tableau always ensuring columns render wide enough to display complete numbers, is there any reliable way of working around this?

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          Mark Holtz

          Personally, I find fit-to-width risky with a cross-tab any measures for this very reason.

          Could you specify a fixed width to use for that particular portion of your dashboard, or set fixed resolution for the entire dashboard?


          Generally, if you set the view fit as "Normal" and you set the measure column width to accommodate your widest measure value, you'll be safe.


          If you still have issues, could you post a screen shot?