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    Edit one line of multiple line graph

      Is there a way to make one line of a multiple line graph thicker or change it to a dashed line so that this line will stand out over the other lines?  Each time I try to edit the line, it changes all the lines.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Melissa - You might try using the "Size" shelf to help you do this. You'll also need to build a simple calculated field which "pumps up" the size of the specific line you care about.


          As an example, lets' pretend you have a Region field, with values of East, West, North, South. You want "West" to be bigger:



          If [Region]  = "West" Then 2 else 1 end


          Drag Calculation1 to the Dimensions list...then you can use it to drive Size.


          Example attached!

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            Thanks Russell


            I understand.  However, my field is a measure.  Is there a way to apply this calc to a measure.

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              Russell Christopher

              Ah - Then a different approach is in order...a little bit more tricky:


              In the re-attached sample:


              • I am using dual axes.
              • The first group of Measures ("Measure Values" pill on the Rows shelf) contains Sales and Quantity. They are formatted the same -- thinner lines.
              • The second pill on the Rows shelf is our "special" measure (Profit) - what we want to stand out.
                • I used the "Synchronize Axis" command on Profit's axis (on the right) so that the scales on either side of the chart are the same.
                • In the Marks card, I used the little drop-down to change to "Multiple Mark Types"
                • I chose my Sum(Profit) measure with the < and > buttons inside the Marks card
                • ...Then I formatted my Profit measure differently - making the line thicker.


              Hope this helps!

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