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    current selection box in Tableau

    Philip George



      Can we have something like current selection box in tableau.So that we can understand which are the filters currently active.


      We can make Tableau dashboards highly interactive.when we do lot of filtering through actions if we can track where we are now it will be good.


      Is there any way to achieve this?



      Philip George

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Philip,


          Do you use quick filters? The quick filters show which selections are currently being made.




          If this isn't what you're looking for, could you go into more detail about a current selection box?



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            Philip George

            Thanks Tracy,


            I will give you some detail about current selection box.


            I have tried this in qlikview.current selection box is an object in qlikview.


            If we do some filtering or selections it will show in that current selection box.



            If I have global filter for country,region,salesperson.suppose I select one value in country and another one value in region and one value in salesperson.

            and  I have moved to another sheet through some actions.This time some selections are active.If I can keep a current selection box in every sheet (current selection box show selected value in country,selected value in region,selected value in sales person).User can easily identify which are the selections currently active.


            just for keeping track of the selections.


            Is there any workaround to achieve this.



            Philip George

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              As Tracy responded in the following post, you can use the caption to show current filter selections.



              1. create a blank sheet with all the filter fields you need in the Filters card.

              2. check the option "Worksheet/Show Caption "

              3. double click the Caption card; clear the default text. use the Insert button on the caption dialog box will allow you to add the filter fields you need on the view in the caption. you can also add field name in front of each field for better illustration.

              4. in the dashboard, insert the blank sheet you just created. again check the option "Worksheet/Show Caption". now the caption text will reflect your "current selections".


              Hope this helps.