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    Putting a calendar filter puts something in the shelf

    Nir Soffer



      I'm trying to filter out a single month of a quarter - there is a hierarchy in the OLAP cube that defines month as a part of quarter.


      I drag the fiscal quarter to the filter shelf, choose only the months I want and lo and behold the month appears in the column shelf without me asking for it there.


      I collapse/drag it out again and the filter no longer seems to apply correctly.


      What I want is to see Q3 vs. Q3, aggregrated, without the last month. I do not broken it into months, I want to see a quarter while excluding a month. I am quite sure it worked before, and it's fairly easy to do in a regular Excel pivot table - but I can't seem to get it to work on this version.


      I'm using 7.0.7