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    clear last action filter

    Gemma Syd

      I have been trying to figure out how to remove the selection filter.


      This is the scenario:


      I access a Tableau dashboard via an url: http://www.server.com/KPIDashboard/Summary?:embed=yes&:toolbar=top&:customViews=no&period=2012-08-01&account=abc


      The dashboard will display the KPI results for Aug 2012 and Account: ABC. The dashboard has an action filter on State,so I can filter on any state. The last state I clicked was 'NSW'. So, there is nothing wrong on the action filtering.


      When I access the dashboard again the next day, with this url: http://www.server.com/KPIDashboard/Summary?:embed=yes&:toolbar=top&:customViews=no&period=2012-08-01&account=xyz

      It displayed the correct KPI results for Aug 2012 and Account: xyz, however it remembered that 'NSW' was clicked last, and the dashboard displayed with action filtered by state 'NSW'.

      I would like to start fresh each time as if no action filter was clicked at all.   Is it possible to do via URL or other method?

      I have been trying to fix this for a while, searching the web and Tableau forum but I can't find the solution.


      I had tried to include the :revert all in the url, but it didn't work.  It still remembered the previous action filter.



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          Chris Moseley

          I'm having a similar issue (I want to clear action filter upon departing a page via URL link but have been unable to do so. Have you had any luck resolving your issue?


          I hate to reply to your post with a question but thought you may have made some progress since your post.




          - ctm