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    Suppressing Null values on filtered Dimenisons

    Joerg Mutsch



      I am reporting with Tableau on a SSAS 2012 cube where I have a couple of calculated Measuers.

      I created a Bullet Chart with a filter on certain areas:




      Unfortunately I had to pixelize the data and I can't attach the report since it is confidential.


      However as soon as I eliminate Areas from the filter the values disappear but the Dimension remain to stay on the report.



      Initially I thought I had to enable Null Suppression on the cube (which I did) but it did not bring me the desired results.

      How can I achieve that in Tableau? This issue would not certainly not show up on relational data source so I just wonder where I have to tweak to get the result. Do I have to create a calculated Dimension or is this a 'hidden' settings somewhere?


      Any help is very welcome.





      Message was edited by: Joerg Mutsch By accident I clicked on assumed answered :). Sorry for that. But I can assure you that I do not have any answer nor any clue how to solve it.