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    Need to add Target Users along with Actual Users

    Jegan VelappanPillai


      I need to prepare a graph where it has to include the Actual User count and Target Users for that month. To calculate the Actual User, I need to do a COUNTD(USER_ID) as same user can appear multiple times in a month. For example one Seller can sell multiple Items for that month and hence I need to take distinct of User ID. Now, the business wants to see the User count against the Target they have for that month.

      The same requirement came for Fund Raised. Since Fund Raised is SUM(Amount), I inserted the Target Amount numbers as a dummy year (say 2000) and changed it as TARGET.

      But the USER calculation is based on Count, I can't insert 2 Million records for each month and do the count. Also I can't do a count for one year and sum() for another year.


      I tried create a new table with Target user count with year as 2001. But when I did a report with both Actual Users and Target Users in same report, the “Label” is not proper in “Target” rerpot. Also when I did DUAL AXIS option, its not working as expected, not sure where I’m missing. I was not able to change the “Label”

      Can you please help me fix this?


      The reference report I did with Target option for Fund Raised is "Total Fund Raised"

      The report I need to fix the Target is "Total Users"

      Basically I need to combine Reports "Total Users" and "Total Users - Target" into a single report.


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      Thanks & Regards

      Jegan VelappanPillai