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    help with calculating affinity

    Jim Stanley

      I know how to do this in Excel with pivots but not in Tableau - any help appreciated.


      I have detailed log data that logs unqiue consumers' visits to different destinations. What I want to do is show is how many customers have visited different locations. here's what my data looks like:


      Unique user IDvisit timeStore visited
      Unique I1-SepStore A
      Unique 21-AprStore A
      Unique 31-JulStore B
      Unique 413-AprStore D
      Unique 314-MayStore B
      Unique I1-MayStore C
      Unique 22-JunStore A


      In Tableau easy to view it like so (where the cells are the number of visits from a unique customer):


      Unique user IDStore AStore BStore CStore DStore Eetc
      Unique I10

      Unique 242

      Unique 3

      Unique 4
      Unique 5

      Unique 6

      Unique 7

      Unique 8


      But what I want is to aggregate it like so:


      Unique stores visitedUniquesFrequency
      3114%of all customers visited 3 different stores
      2225%of all customers visited 2 different stores
      1563%of all customers visited only 1 store


      How would you create this calculation?


      Thanks again for any help.