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    Problem with Teradata connectivity

    Ajit Kumar

      Scenario – I have all ready developed a report in tableau with SQL database. Now I have to replace the data source from SQL to Teradata.

      As I said the report is build on SQL database. The Dimension and Measure naming conventions of SQL data base is different from the Teradata naming convention of Dimensions and Measure.


      When I am replacing the data source from SQL to Teradata, in the worksheets I am getting error like the image I have attached. I understand that for removing the error like this the naming convention should be same as SQL dimensions and Measure.


      We have changed the format of Dimension and Measure in Teradata at database level. But when we are connecting with Tableau with Teradata database, In the Dimension and Measure we are getting by default all the names of Dimensions and Measures in Upper case.


      Is there any solution to get the exact naming convention how we have written in the Teradata table?