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    Stimulating traction of and velocity of Tableau implementations

    Dustin Smith

      Hi Ambassadors,


      Below is the summary of a conversation that took place in UK Tableau Users LinkedIn Group.  I thought it was so good that I wanted to make sure each of you had a chance to take a look.  Thanks to Matthew Dawson-Paver for starting the conversation and to Jacqui Taylor for awesome input.



      The Original Question (Asked by Matthew):

      A current short-term challenge I've observed, and from a few comments here and there, is the uptake velocity and traction of Tableau. It seems that especially in organisations with existing and deeply integrated BI solutions, Tableau is the viral ninja. Once you get the foot in the door, what are the best ways to make sure the velocity and traction are strong, wide-spread and continual? A handful of ideas were:


      - Build a support community internally for the hundreds of employees to share and question

      - Run "show and tell" workshop days for staff to show off what they've built and how

      - Run competitions for staff to find the next big opportunities from Tableau insights

      - Develop an internal training pack and regular sessions from basic to "jedi"

      - Run Tableau demo's for other teams/depts to see the benefits

      - Create an internal website as a "Tableau Hub" to hold most of the above and centralise the businesses Tableau activities/materials


      What are your tactics and long term strategies? Do you have any stories?


      The Conclusion (Complied by Matthew):
      - Scheduled internal demonstration/consultation events using company data to stimulate interest in other teams/depts
      - Ensure Tableau's capabilities and benefits are demonstrated and understood vertically, not just horizontally in the org hierarchy
      - Continual internal/external training with the aim to take new/existing users from basic to jedi
      - Run scheduled "show off" workshops for analysts to share, question, learn and generally show off Tableau
      - Promote the joining and attending of Tableau user-groups and conferences
      - For longer term success, consider consultation from external experts to ensure the Tableau ecosystem is the most optimised possible
      - Build an internal support community e.g. forums, groups chats in Skype etc...
      - Stimulate motivation and results from the Tableau investment by running competitions to find the next big thing, or the biggest business gaps e.g. the next $1m cost saving
      - Consider centralising all-things Tableau into a company Tableau Hub online
      - Don't dismiss the existing BI/DB teams and their work/tools. Support may be needed from them, they are experts, and they'll be on the journey too.
      - Consider governance of the design and content (best practices) of outputs to the org to ensure there aren't numerous designs causing confusion, no double work, no conflicting numbers and so on...
      - Run a cadence on obtaining feedback from the end users of the outputs to ensure what is delivered to them is the most optimised and effective view for them
      - Foster Tableau "Champions" as promoters and knowledge experts

      Happy to take critique or more additions