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    Filtering a part of a quick filter using parameters

    fahim m

      Hi All,


          I am used to using quick filters and they work well. However, now I have a unique situation where I want to use only a part of the dimension for filtering.


      For example my quick filter shows







      These are all the values in the dimension. However, I want to filter only the first three categories in the dimension (Cars, Buses, and rail). I  assume this can be achieved using a parameters and table calc. Please, can anybody show me how to achieve this.


      I know the first part of creating the Parameter (string) with the said values. How should I proceed with the table calc to make this work.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.





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          Mark Holtz

          Hi Fahim,


          To be sure I understand, are you saying you want the user only to be able to select from

          Set #1

          (optional All of these 3)





          Or do you want them to have the option for All?

          Set #2

          All (including Aircrafts)





          If Set #1, then you could get to that just by duplicating your dimension field and adding both to the filter.

          You can filter the Copy to only include Cars, Buses and Rail (and not Aircrafts).  Then you can expose the non-copy dimension as a filter and choose to show relevant values only. You can also choose whether or not to include the "All" Option, which would still exclude Aircrafts.


          If Set #2, where you actually want to "blend" Aircrafts into a non-selectable dimension, but you do want the data included when ALL is selected, you could create a parameter and calculated field combination.


          1) Make your parameter a list with (All), Cars, Buses, Rail as the members.

          2) Create a calculated field as:

          IF [parameter] = '(All)'  THEN 'Show'

          ELSEIF [parameter] = [dimension] THEN 'Show'

          ELSE 'Filter'


          3) add your calculated field to the filter and include only 'Show.'

          4) expose your parameter so the user can choose which items to show--Here, All will still allow Aircrafts data to be viewed