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    Linking a filter between two dashboards

    Mike B

      I've got a project consisting of two dashboards, "Main" and "Action Standards".


      The "Main" dashboard displays charts from two worksheets, one (we'll call it Main1) shows data related to projects / initiative grouped by brand (only 2 brands), and the second (Main2) shows some other data - also by brand.


      There are three filters on the page, two drop-downs to select "Brand" or "Project type", and a single select called "Detail" which represents groups of banners which this data is cut across. 


      For example, if I choose the first item in "Detail" called "Summary Detail", I see my 3 columns of charts.  If I select the second item "Even Health", I see 5 different columns. Additionally, if I choose to only show "Brand 1", then that is all I see in the "Main1" and "Main2".


      The second dashboard "Action Standards" only shows action standards, which are displayed across the same "Detail" breaks, but without "Brand".


      Now, if I make "Details" a global variable, it works between the charts in "Main1" and "Main2", as well as the "Action Standards" dashboard. This is great, exactly how I would like to have it work.


      The problem arises when I turn on a "Brand" filter.  Here is what happens:

      1) On "Main", turn on filter for "Brand1". 

      2) "Main1" chart is filtered properly, but "Main2" still shows data for both brands.

      3) Make "Brand" a global filter -> Works for "Main1" and "Main2"

      4) With "Brand" as a global filter, my "Action Standards" dashboard is blank (because there is no Brand Data obviously)


      As a result, I've tried creating a copy of the data connection, which gets me to show the data I want, and be able to filter on "Main" and on "Action Standards", but this filter isn't linked.  If I select option 3 and "Main", it doesn't update on "Action Standards".


      Is there any way to create this link?  I've included as much detail as possible in case the issue lies in my setup, unfortunately it's a bit of a tough thing to explain.


      Any ideas are appreciated.





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          Mark Holtz

          Would you be able to add the "Brand" field to the Level of Detail shelf on your Action Standards view(s)?

          That will force the field to be available to link on.


          If this explodes your data undesirably, you might be able to get around it by turning any dimensions into attributes (right click blue pills and choose from menu)


          Otherwise, it might be helpful if you could include a sample workbook or at least screenshot to help explain what you're referencing.


          Hope this helps!