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    Tanveer Ahmed

      Hi All,


      As our product deals with Multiple Client, could you please let me know how do we pass parameters to Tableau Server and connection object.

      Or do we have any reference which explains the same.




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          Dustin Smith

          Hi Tanveer,


          It sounds like the issue you're trying to address is how Tableau Server can be a solution for providing external clients access to reports, potentially all from the same data source.


          I'd encourage you to look at several things Tableau offers in this area:

          • Multi-tenancy:  Walled off sections of Tableau Server for different clients.  Tableau calls these Sites.
          • Trusted Authentication: If you already have a website that handles authentication and content management and are interested in embedding Tableau Server visualizations into that site and have Tableau Server work with your website's authentication - you'll want to look at leveraging our Trusted Authentication solution.
          • User Filters: For the actual process of how a single object (dashboard, report, etc.) can dynamically show different cuts of data depending on who is connecting to it, I encourage you to take a look at how Tableau does works with User Filters.


          I hope these resources help answer your question.  Please feel free to let me know if I can be of additional assistance.