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    Is it possible to set colors based on a related dimension?

    Fabio Annovazzi



      I have a viz (attached and posted here http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/test_companies_tableau_public/WhoismostengagingonFacebook

      ) that compares all the Facebook pages that belong to the company chosen by the user (for instance all the Nestle' pages) to the other pages of my 700-page sample, in terms of growth of fans and engagement.


      Pages "belong" to categories. For instance Kit Kat is a "Food Confectionery" page while Rihanna is a "Stars" page. A company like Nestle has about 30 pages split between more than one category.


      I have set up a calculated field "colore per company" that sets to 1 if the pages belongs to the company chosen by the user, and to 2 if it does not. "1" pages are colored orange, "2" pages grey.


      if [una contro tutti company]=[pagine$_Company]

      then 1





      See for instance the "A category" chart in the upper right. Grey circles show the "other" pages grouped by category, while orange circles show the pages of the chosen company always grouped by category.


      My problem is that it is not "fair" to compare "Food Confectionery" pages to "Star" pages that - per se - have a much higher engagement ratio.


      It would be nice to color differently (say in blue) the categories of "other" pages that correspond to the categories in which the chosen company is present.


      In other words, if I chose Nestle and Nestle has 30 pages, 15 in the "Food Confectionery" category and 15 in "Non alcoholic drinks" category, I would love to find some way so that:


      - the 2 circles corresponding to the 30 Nestle pages are orange (like now)


      - the 2 circles corresponding to the other, non Nestle, pages of the "Food Confectionery" and "Non alcoholic drinks" category are blue (not grey like now)


      - the other circles corresponding to the other non Nestle pages that belong to categories where Nestle does not have any pages stay grey as they are now.


      Is this possible?