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    net number of outstanding calls

    Peter Connolly

      We have an application which has a floating band of users - people use the app, then stop using it (we record that someone is using the app by looking in a log file to see if they've checked in - if they haven't checked in in 7 days, they're not a user).


      I have a table showing


      user_id | date_first_seen | date_last_seen


      So, for any particular date, I need to be able to count the number of net active users against the net losses that day. I'm pretty sure I saw this as an example somewhere on this site, for IT tech support calls (showing open support calls for each day, with new calls being added, and calls being closed each day) - but I can't find it. Does anyone remember that case study, or know how to report the net users that I need?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Peter,


          The references you ask about relate to queuing or census counts, these are usually created by reshaping the data to have events (like login date/times, or start and stop date/times), with new/adds counting as 1 and stop/removes counting as -1, then a running sum over time can provide a count.


          However, it's sounding more like you just want a couple of calculated fields, something like Active Users = SUM(IF date_last_seen <= date_first_seen+7 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) and Net Losses = SUM(IF date_last_seen > date_first_seen+7 AND date_last_seen <= date_first_seen+8 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END). I haven't tested these, but those might work.