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    Help with counting distinct non-null data

    Jim Stanley

      I am a novice with Tableau (and SQL) and need help calculating a data point based on the structure of my database. What I need to do is count distinct people based on a string of events they take. Here's a sample of the data structure (attached).


      What I want to know is how many people (INBOUNDID) uniquely did both event #1 and event #2. As people do event #2 more than once. My challenge and limit of knowledge is that the INBOUNDID is a generated ID based on event #1, and I can't figure out the calculation that will allow me to count only distinct people that did event #2.


      The end result (or one) would be a cross tab showing:


      Total event 1:   1000

      Total event 2:   >1000

      Unique event 2: <1000


      Basically a unique conversation rate.


      Any help appreciated!