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    "Lookup" Function


      Hello all,


      I have a value in an external data source that I'm trying to "lookup" in my main Tableau instance. I'm blending the data on a common key "Score" on both data sources (see below):


      Calculated Field ("Score"-Dataset A)"Score" Min Value (Dataset B)"Score" Max Value (Dataset B)"Lookup"  (Dataset B)


      I am trying to get a single output value "Lookup" based upon the value of my calculated field as it relates to a specified range in my external dataset. Values of 1,2,3,4 should be outputted for values of .10246, .18775, .22104, and .29062, respectively.


      Any thoughts as to how to achieve this? Also, I have tried to use if statements to achieve this rather than blending data, but my "Lookup" values go from 1-100, and the Microsoft JET engine crashes.


      Thanks in advance!