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    Hidden filtering in Reader worksheets



      I would like to point out a shortcoming that is frustrating for my report users.  Let's say you have a workbook with multiple worksheets and quick filters for different reporting purposes.  In this workbook is a members worksheet and a member claims worksheet.  Let's say that I have drilled down from the members worksheet to look at a set of claims for a particular member ID in the member claims worksheet.  The sheet shows multiple attributes related to all of the claims for this member.  What's cool about the Tableau Reader is that, even though I didn't create a quick filter for one of the columns on this report, you can right click on any column and say Keep Only.  So if I want to look at all the claims related to a diagnosis code of "headache" for a member,  I can click on an instance of this code and select Keep Only.  Here's where the problem begins.


      Now let's say that I've looked at headaches for a member and I've clicked on several other sheets in the workbook to investigate other questions.  I come back to the member sheet and click on a different member to look up their claims.  When I arrive at the member claims sheet, it is completely blank.  All of the quick filters show that I'm not filtering on anything in particular.  I know that this member should have claims, but I can't see any.  This is because the Keep Only filter that I previously chose (15 - 20 clicks ago) on the fly is still in effect and this member has had no headaches. Unfortunately, I have no access to this filter or option to clear it.  The only thing I can do is click on the back arrow in the menu 20 times to recover the view I had prior to selecting Keep Only.



      Make filters generated by the user of Reader workbooks visible on the sheet - so that the user may clear it again as needed.