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    ROUND() working inconsistently?

    Jonathan Drummey

      I'm having a problem where Tableau's ROUND() function is not consistently rounding up for values of x.5.


      The data in the attached workbook consists of the ID, Number, and Rounded in Excel fields.

      - All of what is entered into the Number field in Excel is shown in the Number column.

      - The Rounded in Excel field in Excel uses the formula ROUND([Number cell ref],0) and produces expected results.

      -The Number (using custom format) column shows the Number field and a custom Format to not show any decimal places. This rounds up as expected.

      -The Rounded in Tableau column is a calculated field with the formula ROUND([Number],0) and it fails on 0.5 and 3000.5, but works on 1.5.


      Does anyone know why this is?