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    Help- I need to calculate a weighted average (running into aggregation problems)

    Carson B

      Okay, I've spent almost an hour reading everything on aggregating, de-aggregating, resolving "Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments" Calculation errors, etc etc etc, but I'm not getting anywhere. I must be missing something!


      I'm connected live to an excel spreadsheet. All I need to do is create a calculated field in tableau based on two columns in the excel spreadsheet- square feet and rate. A simple average of the rate won't do, I need it to be weighted on square feet. Rate is just a dollar figure, Square Feet is a number...


      Anyways, both field properties shows that both fields are sum aggregations, and they are both measures.


      Anyways, without getting into correct syntax:


      Sum Rate * Square Feet / Sum Square Feet

      Sum Rate * Sum Square Feet / Sum Square Feet


      I can't get either of these to work - I have received a number of errors related to aggregated arguments and valid table calculations


      Any help would be much appreciated


      Thank you!