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    Are There Opportunities for iOS Developers Like Myself at Tableau?



      As an iOS developer a key focus of mine is data visualization and graphics-intensive apps. I currently run a one iOS dev shop building apps clients. I give frequent talks on the surprisingly powerful graphical power of the GPU on these amazing devices. I am very interested to learn more about Tableau's plans for iOS apps and to explore opportunities to work with you.


      Some links that will give you a better picture of my skills and background:


      Apps I participated in developing:

      Band of the Day. App Store Hall of Fame. App of the Year 2011 Runner Up: http://bit.ly/M6SSNh

      The History of Jazz. App Store Hall of Fame: http://bit.ly/NranIp


      Apps created entirely on my own:

      Beautiful Panoramas. Proprietary OpenGL 3D panorama engine. Amazing Will Pearson panoramic photography. http://bit.ly/9KJBLA


      In addition to app development I provide iOS developer coaching and training. I frequently give highly popular talks on 3D graphics and visual f/x for iOS devices::

      NYC May 2012: http://bit.ly/JdJt0v

      NYC Feb 2012: http://bit.ly/Lm8DyH


      The decks for these talks are available on Slideshare:

      3D Graphics on iPhone. Downloaded over 13,000 times: http://slidesha.re/Y1MW8

      iOS Visual f/x: http://slidesha.re/MNwXuz


      Resume: http://bit.ly/Lm8LOO


      Best Regards,

      Doug Turner

      tweets: @dugla