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    Share-A-Viz Discussion Between Masters.

    Shawn Wallwork

      Recently there has been an effort to facilitate on-line, real-time interaction between Tableau users.


      Great Idea Tracy, thanks for that


      But any good idea can stumble a bit. Think Data Thursday (TDT) attracted attention, and has produced some good results. But.....


      I noted that some power users checked out early, because it looked like TDT was going to be a fairly rudimentary exercise; and not the "Master Class" many of us had hoped it would become. (Tracy I don't think this is your fault; it's just a 'user' thing.)


      So I'm asking Tableau, Tracy, Dustin to help us (users) create/facilitate a new Group: Master Class.


      • Presenters post vizzes/ideas/discussions topics
      • 'Masters' decided which topic to discuss each week (or not)
      • During the presentation all mics are open, so anyone can ask a question/interrupt
      • Recordings made available the next day


      Who's a Master? They know who they are. (I'm not.)



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          Andy Cotgreave

          Who's a Master? They know who they are. (I'm not.)

          You are.


          Anyway - this is a great idea. I am sure we can facilitate, but is this something you guys could organise yourself in the meantime? If nobody has access to Webex, we could set up the Webex meetings for you.


          This would be a great thing to talk about in Community Alley at the conference - decide if we should do it or how we can help you coordinate it yourselves.