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    Meal Tracking Graph

    Neal Smoller

      we're trying to make a visual tool for our patients' eating habits.


      basically, they write down what time they eat a MEAL, SNACK, or take a DRINK.


      Our table, in effect, looks like:

      Date + Time     Type

      8/3/12 10am     MEAL

      8/3/12  2pm      MEAL

      8/3/12  4pm     SNACK


      and so on and so forth.


      i'd like to create a a visual, simple representation of them not eating right.  i'm having a tough time determining what to say and what we can visualize this as.


      basically, a visualization that shows them:

      the range of meals for a specific time period

      the frequency a meal is consumed


      we'd care about how many times they miss a meal, don't snack, or a wide variance in meal consumption.


      i've got attached a graph, tell me what you think...graph.png


      i'd obviously like this to be prettier.  it would probably help if i had much more data in there...