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    Global Filters for fields from different data sources

    Bryan Cheah

      Good day all,


      I have a question on the ability to do a global filter data from 3 different sources.


      I have similar fields in 3 data sources. Product group, Region and Product ID.


      Is it possible for me create multiple relations between 3 data sources and do a global filter?


      Thank you in advance for your advice.




      Bryan Cheah

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          Vladislav Grigorov

          Hello Bryan,


          I believe you could do this in a couple of ways, depending on what exactly you want to achieve. One way is with data blending, when you are doing your filtering effectively based only on a field in your primary datasource, and then pulling the aggregates from the secondary sources based on relations between them. Another is to use parameters, which are visible across datasources, but basically static, so you will need to maintain the list of available filter options if it expands in the future. A third way is via dashboard filter actions - you need to make a tabular view that in effect serves as a filter selector for your dimensions and then point the action to your other views.


          Hope this helps, and please feel free to revert with comments and/or sample workbook if not!



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