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    problem during formation of the multilevel global filter in Tableau Server

    pranjal gogoi



      I have created a dashboard having golbal filters like Month,Trade,entity system Hierarchy etc.The global filter Month is having 4 levels of hierarchy viz. year,querter,month and date.Similarly global filter entity system Hierarchy is having 9 levels of hierarchy(from level 0 to level 9) and there are total of 58,000 records in entity area.Now the problem is when i created the dashboard having the filterentity system Hierarchy using Tableau Desktop 7.0.1 it is working fine but after publishing the dashboard into the tableau server, it published successfully but the repot is not opening, it just got hanged while loading.If i removed the global filterentity system Hierarchy and then published, the report successfully published and then it is visible.Is it because of the formation of multilevel global filters(entity system Hierarchy) in the Tableau server.


      Here i am attaching the screenshot.


      If anyone has any ideas on this,I would really appreciate it.