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    group by sum

        Is there a method to group by the sum of an item then count
      the number of occurrences of that sum?




      There are multiple teams selling a product, say
      cookies.  Each sale can have 1 or more
      cookies sold.  Each sale notes a date and
      a sales team.  I need to be able to sum
      the sales by team given a time frame and count the number of teams selling the
      same number of cookies.


      Like this: 

      May 2012 Cookie Sales

        # Cookies Sold    #Teams Selling that number of cookies

      1                                                1             

      2                                                4

      4                                                20

      12                                             2

      102                                           16



      So I need to sum the sales by group for the time frame, then
      count the number of groups which have that sum of cookies sold.


      I don’t want to use bins, or defined groups, as the total
      number of cookies sold could vary month by month or year by year depending on how
      I slice up the data.