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    Filter Data by Duplicate Value Fields

    Daniel Capizzi

      I am having a problem with an aggregated Tableau calculation. I have columns Project ID and Service Line (strings) and a numerical value - Estimated Fee. Neither Project ID nor Service Line are unique, but the two combined are unique. The trouble is the numerical field is "duplicated" for every combination Project ID and Service Line, but I only want to sum it for every instance of Project ID. The Service Line numbers vary by Project ID, so I can't use CountD (Project ID) as a divisor. I need something like Total (Project ID/CountD(Service Line) for every instance of Project ID). However, I also want only a total aggregate number to represent in a summary chart.


      For instance, I set up a table of Project ID in the rows field, with a Max (Estimated Fee), and then did a running total, and the final number (at the end of the running total) was correct. However, I want just that number in a chart. This is for a Dashboard where  the data will be coming in every week in this way, so I'd rather not manipulate the data in Excel every week.






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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Daniel,


          I know it's been a long time since you posted this! But, one option may be to create a calculated field on top of what you have that is similar to the following:


          if last()=0 then 'show' else  'hide' end


          Then, place this on the view, right click on the 'hide' column/row and select Hide. The data is not being filtered out, it is only being hidden. The data should also update appropriately.


          Hope this helps!