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    How to connect and blend data from 2 .xls sheets at different aggregations

      I've got Table 1 and 2 below in a single xls file. The first table has monthly forecast $ by Contract.

      Table 2 has the actual detail by Contract, but daily instead of monthly, and by line number, instead of by contract.


      My desired end goal is to link the 2 tabs in Tableau, and where I have a contract that matches, roll up the Table 2 data by Contract/Month, to compare to Table 1, can compute a variance between the 2 Scenarios.


      How should I proceed?


      Table 1: Forecast by Contract / Month
      Contract #PeriodAmountScenario
      ABCJan 2012100.00Forecast
      DEFJan 2012125.00Forecast
      GHIJan 2012150.00Forecast
      JKLJan 2012115.00Forecast
      Table 2: Actual by Contract / Contract Line / Day
      Contract #Contract LineDateAmountScenario
      Desired Result
      Contract #Period (Month Year)AmountScenario
      ABCJan 2012100.00Forecast
      ABCJan 2012133.00Actual