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    Total Record Count

    Michael Wilson

      I'm interested in adding a total record count to a report for distinct values for one of the columns, preferably at the bottom of the report or in a legend.

      Is this possible?  Grand Totals only appear to work for numeric measures.  This distinct count is for one of the Dimensions though.


      user_id   child_id  measure_1

      A, A, 1

      A, B, 1

      B, C, 2

      C, D, 1


      I would like to have a total at the bottom of the report that was the COUNTD([child_id]).  In this case I would like to show the user the count of 4, hopefully without having to expose a column in the measures area that simply showed the number 1 for all cell values running down the page.  Seems like something that should be trivial but I can not figure out how to do it.  Any help would be appreciated.  Cheers.



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          Joe Mako

          How about a calculated field like:




          and then place this pill on the Level of Detail shelf, setting the compute using to use all dimensions (setting depends on your exact setup, but maybe Table Down could also work for you if all dimensions pills are on the Rows shelf).


          Then you can turn on Caption or Title, and Insert a reference to the pill there.