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    How do I automatically format the placement of multiple stacked labels?

    William Weaver

      I have created a stacked bar chart that is labeled with two pieces of data: total number of trips & the percentage difference between the YTD trip totals for this year and last year. By default, the labels for both measurements are located in two separate areas of each bar. My goal is to find a way to move both labels closer together and closer to the top of the bar. I would also like to add a carriage return to each label to separate the numbers and the text. For example, I would like to see something like the following near the top of each bar:








      While I realize my goal could be accomplished by turning off "stack marks" in the Analysis drop-down menu and manually moving apart the resulting overlapping labels, I am looking for a dynamic solution that will automatically adjust the labels location whenever the height of each bar changes.


      I would also like to know if it is possible to automatically align the grouped labels across of the bars in the chart to look something like this:


      12,345             11,765

      Trips                Trips


      1.20%              0.98%

      (2011)              (2011)


      I have attached a packaged workbook of my efforts if anyone wants to give this challenge a try.


      Thanks --- William