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    YoY, MoM, DoD in the same worksheet

    Kishore Rasuri

      Hi..I'm working on building a similar table as shown in the attachment. You see weekly, monthly and yearly % change. I was trying to put all these calculations in one worksheet and build a similar view as shown. But looks like i have to create separate worksheets for each. Because to calculate DoD i need only last 2 days, for MoM Last 2 months and YoY last 2 years. I'm not able to put these 3 filters in the same worksheets. Thanks

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          Vladislav Grigorov

          Hello Kishore,


          I believe that in order to have these in the same view, you have to do the filtering in the fields themselves, and not use the filter shelf at all. How about defining several calc fields that just copy the relevant stock price from the corresponding field in your original database filtered down to current/previous day/month/year? Then you can use these fields to do your math for YoY, MoM, DoD by relating these, and display the latter in oine single worksheet.


          Hope this helps a little, or please feel free to add more detail/sample to discuss further!