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    How to find percent to overall goal, how to break down a dimension in a measure


      Hello Tableau Users,


      PartnumberQuantity NeededQuantity in Stock


      I have a set of data that shows inventory, and the amount needed for launch. I want to show an overall % to goal that gives an actual percentage based on the status of the part numbers. For example, I have 4 part numbers, 2 are higher in inventory quantity than the launch quantity. the other two part numbers are less in quantity. The sum of overall quantity in stock is 140 and the sum of launch quantity is 100. Therefore when I try to do overall percent to goal, I get 140%.


      What I did is that if quantity in stock is > than launch quantity, then it will return the launch quantity. When I dont have part number on the columns shelf, it basically calculates that 140 > 100 and returns 100, so the overall percentage to goal turns out to be 100%


      How do I break down a calculation in tableau so it analyzes the data based on part number?


      I made a mock up tableau to illustrate my question