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    Custom SQL to Blend a Microsoft SQL Source with an Excel File in Tableau


      Desperate mode here and I've been looking through forums all day to find an answer...


      Essentially, I have a huge DB source pulled from Microsoft SQL (over 1M rows) that I did a data blend with an Excel file just to get a Segment Dimension.  However, when I attempt to get an aggregated view of measures against the Segment, I get the data overlapping issue. 


      I've asked our BI to see if they can upload the Segment Dimension mapping file so I can create a SQL to just grab that field, however, I've been told that this cannot be done quickly due to work queue (the joys of prioritization and strained resources).


      Outside of me blending over 1 Million rows of data just to get the Segment dimension added and creating a new source (which takes forever, btw), is there another way I can blend this SQL source with the Excel file?  I've read somewhere that custom sql is possible if it's really difficult for me to blend the data outside tableau?