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    Troubleshooting - Session Ended By Server

    Keith Halvorsen

      I'm having an issue with a dashboard I'm attempting to publish.  For the source, I'm tying into mysql db views.  Everything was working properly until I tried to add another string field into the underlying mysql view.  When I did this and refreshed the data source in tableau desktop, the new field showed up properly and was able to be incorporated into both the worksheet and dashboard.  However, on publish, I get an error stating


      "Session Ended By Server"

      "Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source. Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'new_field'. Displayed data may be incorrect."

      Would you like to reset the view?


      The really strange piece is I was able to get it to finally publish and display properly under internet explorer, but not firefox (same error occurs).  I can't point to any specifics on how I was able to get this far.  I just created a new dashboard, essentially trying again.  I tried clearing out the FF cache, to no avail.  Also, as soon as I renamed the dashboard and underlying worksheet to something else, I again, got the same error in both IE and FF.


      Any ideas?