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    I have a requirement which has to calculate the measure value from bottom to top.

    saravanan cs

      1)      When you see the highlighted yellow values(these are all measure values). The concept is, there is a filter to select the date range. For eg( if the end date range is 29.jan-12 then it has to check for that value (both in the row(schd-gen-wknd) and column(schd-gen-dt) wise date). Consider that value is 400


      And it has to check for the previous non zero for that specifed selection( which means here , the value should be 400 of 08.jan.12). From there the highlight for rows and columns should be done with the help of parameter.


      If user  selects 7 rows and 8 columns in 2 parameters selection, it should start from that previous non-zero value and from there 7 rows and 8 columns should get highlighted.