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    Tableau Using Calculated Values For Drills (Similar to Vlookup)

    Eric Frishman

      Tableau Users & Data Crunchers,


      This example will probably seem a bit "easy", and I'm still learning the platform, and have had a very good experience.  Essentially what I'm accomplishing is similar to using a Vlookup function in Excel to help drive a data drill.


      I've enclosed a Tableau Example.  From the dashboard, within Window 1, each point has an IP reference.  Within Window 2 is a data for various IPs across many times.  What I'm trying to do, is have the data within Window 1 reference the last time within Window 2 so that by an action, selecting an item in Window 1 would result in Window 2 data for the specific IP, but only for the last time.


      As an example, selecting the circle with IP would result in Window 2 showing 306.  Selecting would result in Window #2 showing 205.


      My thought was to use Lookups from Window#1 to Window#2 to find the last time by IP, and post that to the Level Detail in #1 so that the data could be used as a drill.  However, I have not been successful yet. . . .


      Thank you for reviewing and I would appreciate your comments.