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    Can you filter data in one data source driven by data in another data source?

    Holden Lee

      Hello Tableau community!


      I would love your expertise on this situation, which may sound familiar to many of you.


      I have one data source that has all the data (~10k records), but I only want some of the data (~100 records) for any given reporting period (2011 Q1 - 2011 Q4), which is specified in another data source. If this were one list (of states, of time periods), there'd be no problems. However, there are different lists by time period, and I can't seem to get around the "*" that is displayed when a blend/join is done improperly.


      I've attached a sample dataset to illustrate the value dataset (ie data source 1) and the filter dataset (ie data source 2) with the desired output.


      Ideally, i'd like to put the time periods (e.g. 2011 Q1 thru 2011 Q4) as a parameter to work across the 2 data sources, in addition to filtering out the "Out" value to exclude.


      Any hints/clues/thoughts would be most welcome as I think I hit a wall here.


      Thanks in advance for your inputs!