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    Run certain Data Connection in a specific Worker Server

    Sergio Sanchez



      We have a specific request for a special situation.


      Our current setup is:


      -Primary Server with "X" Database Access

      -Worker Server with "X" and "Y" Database Access


      As you can see the Worker Server has 2 different Database Accesses while the Primary Server has got just one, and currently we can't change that setup. The problem we are facing is that we need certain Data Connections to be run in the Worker Server because this one has the "Y" connection credentials needed. Currently when we run these Data Connections sometimes they are successful because they run randomly through the Worker Server, but sometimes they run through the Primary Server and they fail. We would like to know how to "oblige" those Data Connections to run through the Worker Server always, without removing the capability of the Primary Server to refresh Data Connections.


      Hope our issue is clear.


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Kindest Regards

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Sergio -


          No - There is no way to guarantee that a report will be rendered on one machine vs. another if you have copies of the process in question (VizQL) running on both boxes.


          I'm not exactly clear why only one of two of your machines has the ability to connect to the data source. Perhaps you can explain? Does the data source only allow connections from a specific IP address (not the Primary)? Is this somehow related to the domain account you're running Tableau Server under?


          In your shoes, here's what I'd try:


          • Run the Data Server component of Tableau on the Worker machine since it has access to all data sources
          • Create data sources which connect to X and Y and publish them to Data Server  (which is running only on the worker)
          • Use the new "Data Server" Data Sources published to Data Server as starting points for my reports


          Good luck!

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            Sergio Sanchez

            Hi Russell,


            Thank you for your reply. Yes, that is the case, the Primary server does not have access to one of our databases and because of several IT reasons it will not be granted, hence we have configured another machine as a Worker Server which it is granted to query this database. Since the Data Connections queries are managed to be executed in one of the servers "randomly", what we would like is not to render the report in the Worker Server but to force the underlying query to run in the Worker Server. What I have done now, I have changed the Background Processes in the Primary Server to 0 (zero) so the queries will run in the Worker Server.


            Despite I don't like this solution, I haven't found a better one. I was wondering if there was a method of forcing the Data Connections to be run in one of the Servers. But actually I would like to try what you suggested above.


            Thank you very much again.


            Kind regards,