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    using parameter to trigger filter of between dates

    Steve Lichtenstein
      • I have one data source ('SALES') as a sql query of sales info (one field therin titled "sales date")
      • I have another data source [SQL DB]  ('SCHEDULE') with a report schedule [ fields being: 'report date','low_sales_date', 'high_sales_date'] -- i.e. I report sales 52 times a year (not always using a formulated schedule; rather a predetermined schedule of what period (low-high) each report date represents.

      I am looking to use the field 'report_date' (in 'SCHEDULE') as a parameter control. Once a particular date is chosen, I want the 'low_sales_date', 'high_sales_date' to be used as the filter (between) for the data ('sales_date')  that is being pulled from 'SALES'


      Any ideas??