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    Filters and Actions

    Julia Hennelly

      I have a workbook that has a filter on company (global), filter on month (global).  I have a dashboard showing 6 worksheets that need to change when these filters are changed and that works fine.


      Now I want to add an action that drills through to another dashboard based on target area to show a trend for the target area - action works fine BUT I need the month filter to be cleared when the action is activated but need it to be reinstated when I go back.


      Actions seem to be incredibly frustrating to use.  I set them up to clear values when you return to the main dashboard but that does not ever seem to work.  Is there any good documentation on using actions and filters.  I guess I kind of need a filter that is global to the dashboard not the entire workbook.


      Example attached.


      Any help would be much appreciated plus any guidlines as to using actions which just do not seem to work as I expect.


      Julia Hennelly

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Julia,


          To make sure I understand, does this mean that when an action is run, you want the view to be applied as if all months were chosen?



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            Julia Hennelly

            Absolutely.  When the action is applied I would like the site filter to retain, the action filter to be affected but months to show all months BUT when I go back to the main dashboard I would like it to show exactly as it was when I actioned from it - does that make sense?  I find the combination of actions and filters confusing and don't feel I have the control to code exactly as the user wants it?  I like the idea of a global filter or local but also think a filter that is local to the dashboard (and all contained worksheets) would be a good addition to the product?