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    Problem moving from XP machine to Windows 7 machine

    John Zielinski

      I just received a new computer running windows 7 where my old one was running windows XP.  I transferred all of my tableau workbooks and supporting files that were stored in the my documents folder to my new computer, however when I launched my workbooks, all of the analysis was gone and the program asked to reconnect all the links.  Some of my workbooks have 40+ slides and they cannot be rebuilt easily so there has to be a way to do this.  This will set me back months so i must have done something wrong.  Is there a guide to help do this?

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          Tim Latendress

          When you open a workbook and receive the "cannot connect to data" message box it gives you the exact path of the file for which it was searching. Make sure you place your data files in the exact same directory. I understand that the default Windows 7 directory structure for the My Documents folder is different, so, if you used the default Tableau Repository directory, you will want to create a new directory path that matches your old one.  Make sense?


          FWIW, we are moving to Windows 7 this Fall and your email reminded me to inform all of our users of this potential pitfall.