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    Containers 101

    Brian Near

      As a relative noob, I'm struggling with containers.


      • This line from the help:
        "Drag sheets into the Layout Container. As you hover over it, an arrow indicates how the objects will flow within the container."
        I see no such arrows.  Can someone enlighten me?


      • Can you change the type of container that you've already dragged content into, without replacing the container?

      • How can you tell whether a container is Horizontal or Vertical?
      • If you drag 2 containers onto an empty dashboard, one inside the other, how can you tell them apart, or identify them as 2 separate containers
      • On the screenshot below, there's 2 resizing options for this container and its data.    I know one resizes the container and one the data, but what are the consequences of these?  Is there one that's recommended?


      Finally, is there a good tutorial on containers?  I'm really having difficulty with these, but maybe I'm over-complicating things .