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    Tableau Extract best practices

    Rob Bisaillon

      I'm looking for any best practices for the creation of Extracts. Maining arond the number of rows and columns that are being created, etc.

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          Fred Oko

          Biggest boost I found was in being specific in which columns you really want e.g. in a non-extract case maybe you join two tables and just take all their columns to do some analysis but when creating an extract that will be reused and refreshed that you expect to get big (100s of millions of rows) definitely think a little more on the value of each column and remove any high-cardinality columns like non-primary-join fields (IP address,sessionid,udid,server) that you don't expect to use in analysis -- it will just become costly to store and try to compact in their column store. You can either hide them when you spec the data connection or in the data source view when you publish the data source.