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    What is Tableau Server load balancer?

      I am using the trial version of the Tableau server for evaluating and I have to restart the Tableau server as the page/Tableau dashboard/workbook takes quite a considerable amount of time for loading. and while i was restarting server, i was thrown with the error msg as below:


      **** Tableau Server Load Balancer requires port 80


      **** in use by process 656.


      **** Tableau Server may degrade due to blocked ports.


      Can you tell me why this error message popped up? As well as, what can be done so that it doesn't take much time to load a page.


      I have another query and that is, after the server is up and running i can see number of process of postgres.exe and tabspawn.exe . I would like to know why am i having so many processes running , is this impacting the performance of the server? and how can i minimize them ?


      Thank you