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    How do I disable Share button on toolbar?

    Aaron Judy

      I am using embedded views blend Tableau into our web application.   I would like to use the toolbar to allow Export to PDF, etc.   However, I do not want to allow users to see the Share button.   How do I disable the share button on the toolbar?


      I found the following list of Embed Parameters.   http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v7.0/server/en-us/embed_list.htm


      Further, I have found other documentation which states the toolbar parameter also accepts top as a value (to move the toolbar to the top of the view.)   This makes me wonder, if

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          Russell Christopher

          The supported way to do this is via the TabAdmin tool:


          tabadmin set vizqlserver.showshare false


          There is another (unsupported) approach I can share with you if you want to shoot me an email. (I just "Followed" you, and I think that will allow you to see my email address if you "Follow" me back. All this following...very stalky.)


          toolbar=top is supported.

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            Sean Yang

            Hi, Russell:

            Does the unsupported approach to hide Share button still works for Tableau 8.X or 9.X server?

            If the the approach still works, could you please share it. I have already followed you.

            We have an embed-view use case in which we need to disable the Share button, while we do not have the tabadmin access.

            We already tried the display_share=no solution (Hiding the embed code on a viz ), but it did not work in our environment.

            Thank you.

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              Lisa Gros

              Hi Russell


              Seems like this is a popular item - would be great to be able to control each item in the toolbar as oppose to all or none

              I am in the same boat and need to turn off sharing.  Would much appreciate it if you could share

              I have followed you

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                . Ashish



                I'm trying to achieve the same thing - hiding only the share option for a Tableau public dashboard embedded to a blog.

                But none of the mentioned options work.


                <param name="showShareOptions" value="false" />


                Any guide or pointer would be of help.




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                  This thread is old but still actual. The following information may be useful.


                  I am using Tableau Online and also wanted to hide Share button, so asked Technical Support.

                  Here is the answer:


                  I have reviewed the information provided so far, and I was able to reproduce the issue on my side. It appears that the ability to hide the "Share" button in Tableau Online, using the parameter "showShareOptions", is not working as expected when the value "false" is assigned to the parameter.

                  The issue is experienced either using the object parameter and  the URL parameter.

                  Further investigating the issue, I could find that our Developers already fixed this inconvenience in the maintenance update that should be released within next January 2018, for Tableau Online.

                  Once Tableau Online will be updated then, the parameter should automatically work as expected, hiding the Share button.


                  No idea, if this will update will be applied to Tableau Public as well.




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