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    Hoping for help - calculation on data from multiple sources

    Laura Seay

      I'm going to apologize in advance - this is my first time posting


      Working with multiple data sources – join is on Case Number

      1.       Dates are converted to “Float” to do logical comparison


      2.       pic1.jpg

      Co     Converted numbers are used in logical equation


      3.       Field is displayed on worksheet


      4.       Displayed totals.  When totaling, did not get the number I expected




      Sum (Anesthesia On-Time/Late – For Calculation)/ Count (Case Number)

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Laura,


          This is because grand totals are not necessarily a sum of whatever is in the view, rather they use whatever aggregation is on the measure. So since the output of the calculation was to be either 1 or 0, the result was 1 because the total sum of Scheduled Date Conversion was greater than the Anesthesia Start Time Conversion. One way to get the desired result is to calculate the desired outcome and place it on a separate worksheet, then place these two sheets on a dashboard together.


          Hope this helps a bit!