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    Move Data Sources to a new Project

    Tim Latendress

      We are cleaning up some old Projects on one of our Server environments and I ran into a strange problem with a Data Source. The scenario is a simple one: in desktop I created a table from a local TDE, right-clicked on the TDE and published it to "Project A" on the server. Looking at the Data Sources on the server I can see that the TDE is located under "Project A".  Back in desktop, I selected Data ==> Connect to data and connected to the Tableau Server Data Source I just published. So far so good. Next I selected Data ==> Replace data source and switched from the local TDE to the Tableau Server Data Source. Again everything is good.  I then published the View to "Project A" on the server. The view works perfectly.  FYI, we are using Tableau Server 7.0.3.


      Now I decide that I want to move the View from "Project A" to "Project B".  After moving the View, I decide I want to delete "Project A" altogether because it is empty and no longer needed. Now I know the Data Source is located under "Project A" but there is no option to move a Data Source to another Project (that I could find).  So I continue on and delete "Project A" anyway. I received the message "Are you sure you want to delete the selected Project? (This will also delete 0 contained workbooks and 0 contained views)" -- nothing about the Data Source that is published up there.  I selected "Yes" and "Project A" is gone. I look at the Data Sources and the TDE is also gone. I looked in the Data Connections and the TDE is not there either.  So, I go to "Project B" and opened the View fully expecting it to fail  But it didn't -- worked perfectly. So I now suspect the Data Source is still up there on the server but is now unavailable for any sort of managing.


      Is there is a way to move Data Sources from one Project to another? If not, shouldn't I be prompted that I am also deleting a Data Source when I delete a Project?  I can envision some of our data sources being used by several users who then publish views to their own projects -- eventually the original project where the data source was first published may get deleted and then we lose the ability to manage access, etc.


      Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help you can give.


      -- Tim

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          Emma Whyte

          Hi Tim,


          I had a different experience than you with deleting projects containing data connections.  When I deleted the project that the data source had been uploaded to, all workbooks that used that connection were no longer usable.


          From this experience we are now using a data connections project on server to hold data connections and managing them from there.  It seems the best way to do it, because, as you say, projects become redundant and need to be removed from server, however the data can be used elsewhere.


          I've had a look on the forums about how to manage the new data connections in version 7, but from what I've seen you cannot move or edit the connections on server. Even permissions have to be changed in desktop and re-uploaded to server. Definitely on the list for improving in future releases!


          Not really a solution for you - but suggestions from experience. Hope it might be somewhat useful.

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            Tim Latendress

            Hi Emma,


            Thanks for sharing your experience and suggestion!  I wish I could figure out what happened to my data source. It must have moved to Project B but I can't seem to figure it out.


            I am taking the new 5-Day Tableau Server class in September so I hope to discover some new troubleshooting techniques.  If I figure this out I will come back and post the answer.


            Thanks again. I appreciate you taking the time to offer some advice.