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    administrative views not refreshed real-time

    Caroline Gorman

      I'm trying to use the default (out of the box) tableau administrative views, however, having issues seeing them updated real-time after accessing a view as an non-administrative report user.  It seems that it is only updating every day or so (so administrative views are stale).  Specifically interested in using the View Performance History view/report to capture some metrics on average load times for a report and to flag any major regressions in reports performance due to changed datasource or report design.


      I have installed a tool to query the postgreSQL db directly and can see rows get added to the _http_requests view when we call view urls for non-administrative views/reports. 


      Has anyone else experienced an issue with lag in time for administrative views to refresh using latest data?   And if so, do you know the pattern/when the administrative reports will refresh if this is by design? We've tried to force a refresh in tableau web using the toolbar button for refresh but are not seeing the data get refreshed.


      Any help understanding the admin views and how they refresh from datasource is appreciated.


      As a follow-up question, has anyone determined what load_view time represents in terms standard performance metrics?  Does this capture the time to render the view on tableau side only and not necessarily iin the browser/client?  Similarly, what does compute_view represent in terms of rendering metric after the report is changed (via applied filter, forced refresh, etc.)?



      C. Gorman

      Zilliant, Inc.