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    Hide chart title

    Arun Gurumurthi



      I have dashboard with 3 charts.


      First is the Master chart and other 2 are details.


      I have created a ilter action to show the detail charts only for selected code. I have all 3 in one container.


      The filter action is setup to not show anything when filter is removed. But as i have title for each chart, even though nothing i slected is still shows the header.


      How can i hide the title if no selection has been hide.


      Attached the screen shots.




      chart + hide + title.pngchart + hide.png

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Arun -


          There really isn't a way to automatically do this. In your shoes I'd just make sure it was easy to understand what each chart does and hide the title altogether.


          If you really want to get some sort of descriptive text included, try doing so in the chart itself rather than using the "Title" feature of the Dashboard.For example, create a calculated field with your title text in it and put it on your Columns shelf.


          Good luck!