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    Capturing Quick Filter in View then Calling Tabcmd

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      Not sure whether this is possible, but I wanted to throw it out there to the community.


      Basically I have an extract containing a list of 22 million product id and a few dimensions which will be used as quick filters.


      My view will have a single column listing the products ids matching the selected quick filters; which means that my view will have between 0 and 22 millions rows.


      Trying to render several millions of rows in a single Tableau view isn't feasible - my browser crashes when it tries to render over 2 million rows. So as a possible workaround, I was wondering whether it's possible to capture the selected quick filter values, and then call Tabcmd with these filter values as params. Tabcmd will then output the required data in file.


      Is it even possible to call Tabcmd in a Tableau Workbook???


      Thanks in advance.